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blood x bone

conjure a life of real magic

we reclaim our magic as a force for justice, power + love.


This is trauma aware, decolonial craft for social renegades + spiritual disruptors. Our kalli walks the path of freedom…owning + using our power for individual + collective good.

Brujería is our liberation song.

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oracle of mictlan

Wish you had a bruja bff to ask for some life guidance? Oracle of Mictlān is latine style divination + receta designed to unlock your good fortune. Ixchel pairs divining materia + communion with spirits in session.

bruja astro

Reveal the path of your good fortune + learn more deeply about who you are with Bruja Astrology . BA is based on the Nahua tonalpohualli + provides rich detail about the powers available to you + how you are woven together.


Experience healing inner transformation work that boosts your personal power. Alquimia pairs modern alternative therapies with ancestral methods to alchemize limitations into spiritual gold.

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culto mágica

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Join our gathering of brujes and get a taste of our magia. Snag monthly ceremonia classes, divination salons + more…on a sliding scale investment.

"Ixchel helped me connect with my shadow around money in a very visceral and real way- I understand unconscious areas of self sabotage. I can now allow myself to want without apology and to go after what I want. Specifically around the type of work I want to create and how much I want to be compensated for it".
"In all of my sessions I receive immediate clarity, increased confidence + an infusion of personal power...it allows me to relax and be open to the shifts that happen + the space that is made for what I’m creating."
"I am still soaking in everything we talked about...more like luxuriating in it. I received MAJOR clarity + confirmation. I left our time together with a deeper sense of trust + faith in my inner wisdom."
"By working with Ixchel I have more peace, clarity + hope for the future...something I had been steadily losing due to negative experiences in the past. It's absolutely fantastic."

travel camino negro with Santa Muerte

muerte oro

Muerte Oro is a very specific way of working with our Bony Lady. Walking camino negro is to plug into the death current, allowing Santisima to transform you. In her benevolance, she will offer you protection behind her robe, share the power of her scythe, and give you access to the spaces she dwells.

The next class opens soon.

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image of hanging yellow dried flowers in front of a window

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