hola bruje...

01// decolonizing spirituality: things look different ’round here

I’m baaaaaaack.

In this episode I give you the inside scoop on where I’ve been and what to expect from the latest iteration of the podcast + blood x bone calli, including what the hell is a calli? And share some stories about how I became an accidental ghostwriter, launched a yerbería in Mexico + dropped all things New Age in order to fully commit to my ancestral practices…after being not so gently tapped on the shoulder for nearly a decade.

If you’re new…well welcome! Hold onto your chonies…I’m def someone to intro to your parents.

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Uh-Oh! We're not ready yet.

Your Bruja BFF is putting her face on…chingonas alwaaaays take so much time, right? Ugh.

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