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communion-Connect to your well spirits + foster kinship relationships with Creation, develop other ways of knowing + strengthen your spiritual being.
book this program to...Connect to the well spirits in your constellation of spirits- ancestors, ancestral helpers, astro energies + more that help you. Tap into other ways of knowing- psychic, intuition, animal body awareness. You have gifted + given skills to unlock. Train your somatic channel to tune into the otherworlds, elevate + protect the soma, plus identify + transmute blocks.
testimonials- "Working with Ixchel has been confirming, reassuring, and uplifting... to know that I have these abilities and they have a meaningful purpose. Thank you so much for giving me a safe space." Edna Palma. "Ixchel gave me a boost in shifting my mindset. Because of it...I know how to focus my energies + what I am now choosing to act on. If you want to experience a shift I recommend Ixchel!" Latoya Charise.
the deets: ~you get a program of four one-hour sessions, ~choose to schedule weekly or bi-weekly, ~we jam on zoom for your sessions, ~within 24 hrs you get your recording


There are no refunds on services or products. If you have questions prior to purchasing please email us at hola@bloodxbone.com

Communion sessions integrate hypnosis + indígena methods of trance journeying, teaching + practices to open your awareness to liminal space + connect to your well spirits. Modern methods of somatic healing + nervous system exercises are woven in to help you create safety + capacity for increasing your sensitivity to various energies.

Klarna + Afterpay are available at checkout. If these options don’t work for you we may consider alternative payment options. Please email hola@bloodxbone.com to chat about it.

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