hola bruje...

canto image- jaguar, moon, ofrenda

for love + justice

Kalli blood x bone is a portal for the ancestors + a sacred canto to remember our old ways.

Their breath enlivens us + they speak holy words- we are the answer to their prayer

…for liberation

…for joy

…for rage

…for peace

…and for justice.

la bruja behind blood x bone

ixchel lara

Kalli Maestra ~ Nahua Tlachixqui ~Decolonial Spiritist

ixchel lara collage- showing hawk and black bear

The locus of my craft is personal + collective liberation.

Like most who engage with the numinous- I’m curious to find out what can be created when we explore relating with more-than-human kin.

I’ve been living into the answer for 20+ years professionally….and exploring since I was a kid.

Oh, one more thing….Ixchel is pronounced ee-shell. You’re welcome.

"I loved the journey. I felt completely held and was given very accurate information that resonated. The truth was delivered with grace. Ixchel's trauma-informed approach offered some deep + intentional space-holding."
"Ixchel helped me shift my dynamic with money- her work helped me get job interviews, free gas, money + connections. I LOVED IT. The blessings are still raining down!"
uju anachuna testimonial
uju anachuna

you should know

We talk about things that others may deem taboo- politics, war, money + social issues– because I believe it’s my responsibility as a spirit worker to address real shit going on in people’s lives.

I’m all for love + justice, not #loveandlight.

We politicize our craftliberation, rematriation + mutual thriving are our lingo.

I center bodies of culture in this kalli.

We don’t do ascended masters, empath culture, high vibe tribe, sitting in merkabas, or talking in light language here.  You can literally find that anywhere else on the internet– not here.

tldr: I’m not into New Age spirituality.

Extraction of black + brown folx’ ancestral practices is no bueno.

kalli lineage

.... magia influence

  • Yerberismo
  • Mexican curanderismo
  • Folk Catholicism
  • Planetary magic
  • Tarot

There are some other influences that have less weight in my personal work- those listed are what will most likely be recognized.

.... spiritual life

Nahua spiritism + magic and Mexican brujería are the foundation of my personal practice. Ancestor veneration, tonalamatl divination, and devotion to Santa Muerte are a daily focus.

... mundane studies

  • Somatic Healing- Dr. Albert Wong
  • Polyvagal Theory- Deb Dana
  • Somatic Experiencing- Somatic Experiencing International
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy- Melissa Tiers + Wendy Friesen
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming- Micheal Stevenson
  • Coaching- Micheal Stevenson
  • Psychology/Neuropsychology (incomplete)- Purdue University

... spiritual training

  • Tlachixqui (Nahua seer)
  • Mexican curanderismo
  • Muerte Oro (Santa Muerte devotion)
  • Mexican brujería

I’ve been a student of Calli Ocelotl Totonaca for 20+ years under Elders Maestra Tonantzin Lobos + Tata Juan Carlos. I accepted the commitment to carry the lineage in 2019.

I also acknowledge the teachers of shorter term training I’ve had in mediumship, divination, western astrology and magic- Bobbi Langdon, Fabeku Fatunmise, Jason Miller, Sonia Choquette, John Holland +Benebell Wen.

++ I had been trained in Usui Reiki many years ago. Since then I have learned of the whitewashing + inaccuracy of the western Usui Reiki practice. Please visit the teaching of Marika Hamahata + her course, Decolonizing Reiki.

This lineage page was inspired by Alexis P. Morgan.

“Bodies of culture” language is from the work of Resmaa Menakem.

“Love and justice, not love and light” language is from the work of Kelly Diels.

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