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bruja astrology-Learn more deeply about who you are + the potential that life offers with Bruja Astrology . BA is based on the Nahua tonalpohualli + provides rich detail about the day you were born + how you are woven together.
you'll learn about...Your tonalli- the soul aspect that allows you to shapeshift, protects you + powers your magia, Your medicine- the forces that make you you + how to work with them to walk the path of your good fortune, Your teteo- the divine constellation of spirits that you can call on to guide, protect + teach you.
testimonials: "I loved the journey. I felt completely held and was given very accurate information that resonated. The truth was delivered with grace. Ixchel's trauma-informed approach offered some deep + intentional space-holding." Monserrat Indarte. "In all of my sessions I receive immediate clarity, increased confidence + an infusion of personal power...it allows me to relax and be open to the shifts that happen + the space that is made for what I’m creating." Pretty Ruby.
the deets: ~you schedule your session, ~you send your birth details {date, time + place}, ~we jam on zoom for an hour {ask any Qs you have}, ~within 24 hrs you get a copy of your chart + the recording.


There are no refunds on services or products. If you have questions prior to purchasing please email us at hola@bloodxbone.com

Bruja Astrology is based on the Nahua tōnalpōhualli – you’ll be shown how it relates to who you are, what possibilities it offers in your life + how to work with these energies in your own practice.

Klarna + Afterpay are available at checkout. If these options don’t work for you we may consider alternative payment options. Please email hola@bloodxbone.com to chat about it.

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